Art All Around

An International Site-Specific Art Competition

The Maine Center for Creativity, with collaboration from Sprague Energy Corporation, has organized and completed an open design competition for a major public artwork on their tank farm. The Art All Around competition is closed. There have been 560 submissions from 73 countries. An international panel of 9 jurors selected the semi-finalists in a blind, anonymous selection process. The 5 semi-finalists were introduced and made public presentations in South Portland and Rockland, Maine in August, 2008. They were Jaime Gili, London, United Kingdom, Holger Friese, Berlin, Germany; Nicole Langille, Columbus, Ohio; team Catherine Callahan & Bret LeBlue, So. Portland, Maine; team Sara Bloom, So. Portland, Maine and Bo Newsome, Durham, North Carolina. Executive Director, Jean Maginnis extends deep-felt gratitude to all the artists who participated. She said, “The creative people who participated in this competition from all over the world inspired us and made the decision-making process rigorous and exciting. Thank you.”

The Maine Center for Creativity, a Maine-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting the growth of the arts and creative industries in Maine, has announced the winner of its Art All Around™ international design competition. Jaime Gili, a Venezuela-born artist living in London, will receive the $20,000 prize and see his designs transform the sides of eight tanks and the tops of an additional eight tanks at the Sprague Energy tank farm in South Portland. This project marks the largest canvas (261,000 square feet) for public art ever developed by a group of citizens at an industrial site, and represents a unique creative collaboration between the public and private sectors. Please go to to learn more about his work. Go to to see more about his design proposal for the tank farm.


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